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I appreciate your professionalism and creativity while helping us launch our brand security initiative. Your ideas were used in our marketig strategy and website. Your market research was organized, to the point and helped us move inn the right direction. I look forward to working with you in the future. Arthur B., Manufacturing Plant Manager (New Jersey)

The info was very helpful and the meetings went well. You're the best! Thanks! Sean, Customer Insight & Analysis Manager (Pennsylvania)

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 affiliate analysis     lost customer analysis  associations
 communication plan     market feasibility study  consumer products
 competitive analysis     macro-environment analysis  design / build
 consumer products     micro-environment analysis  financial services
 PESTLE and PEST analysis     customer satisfaction analysis  health care
 ethnographic market study     product & concept testing  hospitality and tourism
 executive interview     sales channel analysis  manufacturing
 focus groups     questionnaires and surveys  life science
 global interviews     SWOT  retail   
 go-to-market strategy     telephone interviews  Company Information
 implementation     win-loss analysis  quesited process
 collaborative partners