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  Case Study I

A sustainable design organization was interested in learning more about event participants to improve existing programs and develop new ones. Quesited constructed online surveys to capture relevant data.

Result: The insights gained from Quesited market intelligence provided guidance for new programming, it gave new insights into the demographic make-up of event participants, and revealed their expectations. The information proved valuable during the strategic planning process.

Case Study II

A strategic sustainability management firm providing services and tools that enable companies to focus on profitability, as well as social and environmental responsibility, needed industry information to present to potential clients. The project required secondary industry research.

Result: The insights gained from Quesited market intelligence about industry trends, innovations, and sustainability efforts gave the firm industry knowledge needed to secure the contract.

Case Study III

A professional architectural organization was interested in learning more about the interests of their members to develop meaningful programs. To obtain this information, Quesited researchers conducted personal interviews with key personnel which led to the development of an online survey. The survey link was sent via email and available on the organization's website.

Result: The committee found keen insights useful for determining training, education, and program needs.




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