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  Case Study I

A regional healthcare facility and academic medical center, known for its trauma and critical care units, was interested in increasing market share by increasing the number of medical services and improving the overall patient and visitor experience. The initiatives were part of an overall master plan.

To gain insight to the patient and visitor experience, qualitative and quantitative studies were conducted. Small group interviews were conducted with the staff and management and intercept interviews were conducted with patients and visitors. The results of all interviews underwent rigorous statistical analysis.

Result: The insights gained from Quesited research revealed areas for service and facility improvement which would lead to a better patient and visitor experience. The results were reported to the executive management for inclusion in their master plan.

 Case Study II

A large health care product company wanted to understand how referral sources -physicians, nurses, hospital discharge personnel, and other links in the care continuum - influence the purchase decision-making of patients and family members for personal emergency response systems.

Research professionals were retained to gain insight by conducting both in-person and telephone in-depth interviews with the sources.

Result: Insights resulted in the development of a comprehensive communications strategy to enhance referrals and increase education of this key element in patient care.




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