The Quesited Process

A union of science and art

As a science, Quesited applies rigorous research methodologies and measures information using statistical analysis for predictive analytics. However, data alone does not consistently reveal the most innovative, profitable, or cost reducing opportunities.

Quesited exercises the art of perspective to bring depth to analyses and data evaluation. Senior research analysts and competitive intelligence professionals have extensive experience working with people in many sectors and deep knowledge of the broad marketplace. This qualifies Quesited researchers to expertly connect disparate information to reveal a robust picture of the competitive landscape.

Organization Perspective

Quesited collaborative partnership works as part of the organizational team to implement plans and tactics to deliver results for competitive advantage

The research process begins with focus on business objectives; aligning organization capabilities with market opportunities.

Next steps integrate discrete components of the marketing process into a comprehensive and streamlined approach to gain insights to people and industries as they affect your organization and business decisions.

In collaboration with your team, Quesited identifies market demand and aligns the firm’s current organizational knowledge to set a strategy to enable product and service innovation, strategy, and action.




Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

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for data analysis
and predictive analytics


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